The highly successful Haversley Group was created in 2010 by the experienced entrepreneur Mike Bunning. Having returned back from building a very successful property related business for fifteen years in Southern California, Mike saw the huge potential in a related business back home in England.

Having carefully researched the market, he saw the need for Letting Agents wanting to sell their business.

With his experience and passion Mike realised the potential was huge, as prior to the launch of The Haversley Group the sale of a letting agency was being handled by companies not specialising in just the sale of letting agencies. The majority of these companies were listed as Business Transfer Agents, and even those selling Lettings Businesses also sold other businesses.

Mike thought that the name of Business Transfer Agents was dated and old fashioned, so he decided that to enable his business to be far more appealing he wanted The Haversely Group to be known as ‘Letting Agent  Brokers’ – Mike thought this was a far more suitable title.

Our Experience & Success is Second to None.




Additionally, he was told that any buyers would have to sign an NDA before any information about a client’s business was given to them.  Again, Mike thought that such a name as a Non-Discloser Agreement seemed a little ‘stuffy’, and after checking the legal aspect he decided to name his legal document a ‘Confidentially Agreement’

Mike’s success since its launch has been unrivalled and it now has something other competitors cannot boast – it has over 3000 of its very own preferred buyer’s, which has taken Mike and his staff many hours to procure.

The Haversley Group consistently markets the entire area from the very tip of Scotland down to the farthest point in Cornwall and everywhere in between.  Also, of course not forgetting Wales, which is also very prominent in our marketing.

Because The Haversley Group predominately only sells lettings businesses, they do have great knowledge of every area in England, Scotland and Wales, and at the same time we do have qualified buyers in all areas.

The Haversley Group has gained the respect of the entire industry through Mike’s determined effort to create a business that benefits all Letting Agents.