When you are purchasing a lettings business with The Haversley Group you are assured that you are dealing with experienced professionals in the sale of Lettings Businesses.

As a purchaser, you are just as valued and important as our client the seller, and throughout the sales process you will receive the best possible service and be updated on a regular basis by us.  Once a sale has been completed the purchaser is more than likely to be looking at future businesses coming available. The new purchaser then becomes one of our top prospects having already developed a firm relationship with us.

Generally, the majority of our businesses on the market are sold to a lettings company that already has a presence in the same geographical location as our client. This is because they just want to bolt-on the portfolio to their existing business, and additionally, they usually do not want to take on any other financial liabilities connected with other business sales.

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    Our Process is Very Simple...

    The process of purchasing a lettings business is very simple.  Once you see a business that interests you just call our company for more details. Basic information can be given over the phone and then to obtain more detailed information this would require you to sign a confidentiality agreement.

    Once you have received the information on the lettings business that was of interest to you and if you would like to move ahead to the next step, we would then arrange for you to meet with our client.  This is all subject to our client’s prior approval and of course confirmation of available funding.

    Every lettings business coming on the market always has several interested buyers so we always suggest a sense of urgency as the demand for lettings businesses far outweighs the availability.

    As we cover the entire country and all areas of England, Scotland and Wales we do consistently have new businesses arriving regularly in all these areas and we do have considerable experience and knowledge in all locations throughout the UK.

    If you don’t see anything of interest in any of our current listings, I would suggest that you call or email us to discuss your requirements, and we can then place you on our preferred buyer list, and we can notify you immediately when something comes available.